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Meet Tiki Barber


Tiki Barber is a prime example of how important patience and hard work is in professional sports. Originally considered a third-down, "change of pace" back, Tiki became a standout starting running back and the all-time leader in rushing yards in New York Giants history.



Video Message

Receive a personal video greeting from Tiki. He will record a birthday or congratulatory greeting, surprise message for your event, or a client and employee motivational message. You can even save and share the recording afterwards! 



Hire Tiki to make a guest appearance at your next event! Tiki’s appearance will be the perfect way to promote your store opening, bank, gym, car dealership, etc.


Flag Football

Get the three-time Pro Bowler to be a part of your next flag football game! Tiki will join your group and show some of the skills that made him one of the best running backs in Giants history.


Customer Testimonials

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience with Tiki! My father has not had that big of a smile on his face in a long time. We are all eternally grateful for the happiness [Thuzio] and Tiki have brought my father. Tiki is such a humble man and so sweet!" - Morgan B.

"Our time with Tiki is best described with words such as amazing, incredible, fantastic, memorable, and awesome.  When people ask me how the lunch was, I tell them it is hard to put into words.  We really enjoyed having him in our home. Anyone who signs up to spend time with him will be glad they did." - Chris B.


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